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Beer glasses make great gifts! We offer NFL beer glasses, NCAA college and university beer glasses, drinking horns, pints, mugs, steins, tankards, Oktoberfest krugs, goblets, and more. If you are buying a gift, we also offer gift wrapping...for the holidays, birthdays, weddings, and all-occasions.

Note: when we describe a glass, we put the European way of measuring glass volume in liters and the US way of measuring volume in ounces. For example if we show a glass as being .4 liter (16 oz), even though .4 liters is technically 13.5 ounces, the glass will actually hold about 16 ounces filled to the rim. The reason for this difference is because the Europeans leave about .5 - 1" for head in their beer glasses, but they do not count this as glass volume. In the US, the capacity of glass is described when filled to the rim, hence we put this value in parenthesis.

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